Huynh Long focuses on customer service after sales.


Actively contact with customers to update the operation status of the machine, receive feedback from customers during the use of products and services. From that point of view, the process of providing timely support to bring satisfaction to customers.
Keep up to date on the latest products, services and incentives.
Be trained in technical knowledge and skills, able to assist clients technically.
Customer service attitude is friendly, enthusiastic, professional.
Receive calls from the customer whenever and handle issues promptly.
Customer care activities are carried out by Huynh Long Company throughout before, during and after sales. Huynh Long not only provides customers with quality products but also offers customers a superior service.


As a distributor of genuine industrial machines (printers, metal detectors, pouring lines, capping, …), especially the exclusive distributor of Videojet printers. Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is committed to providing international quality products in Vietnam and Cambodia.

High coverage, ability to serve almost all customers operating in all areas with small to large scale.
Serving all customer needs, from printing to other production activities.
Provide timely, complete and accurate product to customer.
Operation 24/7, always available promptly when customers need.
Flexible consultancy, proactively provide the consulting information best suited to the needs and financial situation of customers.
Always understand what customers need and want to always consult the right and sufficient features of products, services and commitments of the company Huynh Long with customers.
Provide customers with the recommended information, note when using the product.
Carry out parallel sales and customer care after sales
Moreover, with a team of highly qualified sales engineers and trained by foreign experts, we are confident in introducing and consulting the best products and services. to the customer.

Especially, with the view of “understanding and sharing with customers”, we also have many flexible support programs to bring maximum satisfaction to customers.