Videojet uses the latest CIJ inkjet technology today.

With the ability to print from 1 to 5 lines of text. The CIJ Date Inkjet is considered to be the most versatile of all fluctuating technologies. In addition, Videojet has developed a portfolio of more than 175 inks for the Continuous Inkjet Printers. Prints on almost any product. In addition, Videojet also develops color inks that produce bright, readable codes on darker packages. Especially, with the quick drying feature of ink, the prints are not smudged during the execution.


Videojet Date Inkjet Printer is the perfect solution for optimal printing on product packaging. Today, packaging design helps define the brand of the business on the market. The packaging is designed prominently, elegance makes the difference and level of the product.

Therefore, high quality printing is an important issue in packaging design. Because, the printed code, production information can be the first image that customers see. If the encoded print is skewed, blurred, blurred, deformed … It becomes the factor reducing the consumption of the product. And damage the brand of the business. Poor quality prints are annoying when the customer reads it. Becomes the reason why customers underestimate the product. Encoding Technology of Date Inkjet Printers Videojet is the first choice to ensure quality prints. Eliminate the risk of bad code and increase the aesthetics of packaging. Accurate printing is a complement to the packaging design.

It is also important in the production line of enterprises. Because packaging design is essential with brand identity. Coded print is the first factor, which is most interested in consumer packaging products. It can be said, with the buyer, the print code reflects the quality of the product of the business.

May in phun cong nghiep Videojet 1

May in phun date CIJ Videojet

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company with a history of 20 years of establishment and development. We specialize in providing videojet printer. Huynh Long is confident of being the leading industrial equipment supplier in the Vietnamese market.

Customers have demand for inkjet date Videojet, please contact Huynh Long. We will advise and bring to you the most ideal solution.

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