San Tung packaging machine  is the leading brand name of Taiwan. San Tung is well known for its packaging equipment and associated technologies. As an automatic extractor, dynamic balance machine, …

San Tung packaging machine operate at high speed. Widely used in various types of packaging.

máy đóng gói San Tung
máy đóng gói San Tung

The machine uses a simple, flexible design. Application for many industries. As food, pharmaceuticals, spices – flavors, instant noodles … Established in 1977. With a long history of construction and experience. San Tung is constantly improving its technology. San Tung’s products are highly appreciated by customers. And is used in more than 26 countries around the world. SAN TUNG has won many patents and awards. It is certified by CE & ISO-9002.

San Tung Packaging Machine
San Tung Packaging Machine

Some packages of San Tung:

  • Automatic Packaging Machine AHM-1, AHM-2 … High speed packaging machine. Operates through servo control technology and PLC control panel. In addition, the machine has a touch interface, easy to use, safe, easy to clean, maintenance.

The machine is suitable for packaging food, pharmaceutical, chemical pesticide … Application for various materials. As liquid products, flour, seeds.

         AGM-A1, AGP ... The casing is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Easy to clean and maintain. The machine can be equipped with an additional machine for solid, granular and liquid products. Solid / Grain Products: CWM Automatic Weigher and Scale. Liquid product: Liquid extraction machine, PF type. Maximum extraction is 2000 grams / bag.The machine can be combined with bag feeder, extractor, sealer, and feeder. Optionally associated with printer date, code.
  • Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine (ERL), ARF, CRL, CRL-V, CRL-VS … Automatic operation with weighing, packaging, cutting, with tracking system for precise printing on packaging. the value of the product.

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