may do kim loai cong nghiep


Industrial Metal Detector is indispensable in the food industry. Machine is applied in many stages of production. From classification, cleaning raw materials to processing or finished products.

All food production processes are strictly regulated. And the products of the industry must ensure the quality, hygiene and safety. Therefore, enterprises must strictly control each stage of production. Industrial Metal Detector Sesotec  Perfectly meet the most demanding requirements.

may do kim loai cong nghiep
may do kim loai cong nghiep

With state-of-the-art technology, Sesotec has developed a system for detecting and classifying products, including:

  • Metal detector: Detects and separates all metal and non-metal impurities.
  • X-Ray Product Inspection System: X-Ray product inspection system, detecting and removing products containing impurities, defective products, defects, unsatisfactory.
  • Magnetic Separator: It acts as a magnet, often used in the cleaning of input materials, which helps to absorb magnetic impurities from the material stream before being processed.

Sesotec’s equipment is used in all manufacturing sectors. As food, wood, plastic, textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals … Sesotec solutions help businesses optimize the classification of impurities. As magnetic and non-magnetic metals, stones, wood, bones, rubber …

In addition, the Sesotec device detects product defects, classifies defective products, unsatisfactory production. Thus, the quality of products and contribute to improve the image of the brand, increase the competitiveness in the market.

máy dò kim loại Sesotec cho ngành thực phẩm
máy dò kim loại Sesotec cho ngành thực phẩm

Sesotec industrial metal detector removes impurities, ensuring the purity of the product. Protect production machinery from damage caused by impurities. Sesotec appliances meet industry standards and regulations (IFS, CSA / UL, ATEX, etc.). Thus, the Sesotec metal detector is the ideal solution for the food industry. The device ensures perfect product. Protecting food processing machinery. Improve your competitiveness and position your business.

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the exclusive distributor of Sesotec equipment in Vietnam market. Customers have demand about metal detector, Please contact Huynh Long. We will advise and bring to customers the ideal solution.

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