Yuh Feng RFC Series Monobloc Non-Gas Water Filling Production Line

The Yuh Feng RFC Series Monobloc Water Filtration System is the ideal solution for businesses. RFC Series Monobloc is used for large containers with a volume of 3 to 5 gallons.

RFC Series monobloc has a multi-chamber discharge system with automatic injector function. Ensure hygienic and disinfection of containers. With a modular modular design, the Monobloc RFC Series offers the best cleaning solution in operation. RFC Series is full of custom features. Compatible with many different production line systems. The Yuh Feng RFC Series Monobloc Water Filling System integrates HEPA systems. Built-in volume dosing nozzle. Minimize material wastage while ensuring optimum hygiene.


RFC Series monobloc pouring line is designed in stainless steel SUS304. Ensure the safety and hygiene of the production system. High-speed operation line, simple to use, safe, reliable.

RFC Series Monobloc has outstanding production capacity, 600 containers per hour. Suitable for medium to high production requirements. Modular washing and pumping units are installed independently. Helps businesses save time on maintenance, minimizing downtime. The dual filter system allows the operator to replace contaminated filters while the machine is operating. The RFC Series Monobloc fusing line combines the ease of use with date inkjet printers, industrial metal detectors and other equipment in the production line.


Some of the unique features of RFC Monobloc Series:

  • Easy maintenance thanks to the modular, independent pump design. Easy to operate with PLC control system and friendly interface. Compact, space-optimized design. Minimize wastage by tapping control, quantitative volume. High flexibility with custom modules.
Day chuyen chiet rot nuoc khong gas Yuh Feng ung dung
Yuh Feng RFC Series Monobloc Non-Gas Water Filling Production Line 5

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