May dan nhan chai tron BROTHERS LABELSTIK 400 200


Round, high speed automatic bottle labeler LABELSTIK 400.200 by Brothers Pharmamach.

The LABELSTIK 400.200 rounded bottle labeler uses a technology-friendly control system. The latest sophisticated microprocessor control system. And user-friendly & environmental friendly sensor system. LABELSTIK400.200 is suitable for labeling on bottles, round vials and other round products. The Brothers LABELSTIK 400.200 labeling machine is labeled at up to 200 labels per minute. The speed depends on the product and the label size.

The Brothers LABELSTIK 400.200 Circular Labeling Machine has a specially designed electronic and mechanical system. To paste the labels, the transparent decal on the round bottle. Operates at very high speeds using optional special label sensor systems.

LABELSTIK 400.200 has a control system that helps synchronize the system speed. Automatic label detection systems are available in the machine. So no need to enter and store data manually. About the length of labels in memory and retrieve each time the label is resized & rebooted. The Brothers LABELSTIK 400.200 Round Labeler helps businesses save precious time. Avoid downtime, and help achieve higher yields. LABELSTIK 400.200 is a standard, high-precision labeling machine, a prestigious brand name in India. With special high-speed conveyor control and many other unique features. Optional built-in vending system. Remote labeling control. Easy integration with capping machines, bottle washing machines and filling lines.

The LABELSTIK 400.200 round sticker is easy to integrate with date inkjet machines, metal machines.

There is the option of installing a safe safety glass, or acrylic glass. LABELSTIK 400.200 is full of all the basic features. Match the market demand, while saving money and time.

Some of the unique features of the LABELSTIK 400.200 round bottle labeler:
  • No Label Data Input/retrievals require for any Label Size.
  • Colour Touch Screen Operator panel.
  • No Change Parts for Label size .
  • Single Pot On-line Speed Variation control.
  • Synchronized speed of Label Dispensing, Product Feeding and Pressing Device.
  • Virtually Maintenance free machine.
  • Easy to change label application height.
  • User Friendly Label Placing Adjustments.
  • Self Protected against Voltage Fluctuations.
  • Suitable for On-Line InkJet and Contact Coding System.
  • Suitable for Partial, Full Wrap Around and Overlap Labelling.
  • Built In A.C. Variable Frequency Drive System.
  • Fully Stainless Steel finish Machine.

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