May dan nhan chai tron LABELSTIK 400 300


The LABELSTIK 400.300 high-speed round bottle labeler uses a speed synchronization control system. When resizing labels & rebooting. Automatic Inbuilt label detection systems, eliminating manual input / storage requirements. Therefore, the machine saves precious time. Avoid downtime and help businesses achieve higher yields.

The Brothers LABELSTIK 400.300 high speed circle marking machine. Is the leading brand of India. The machine has many advantages. As a special bottle level feature. This feature allows the tubes to be loaded in a vertical position directly from the tray. And collect the labeled products also in the vertical position in the tray. Users can load tubes to label online without stopping. This state-of-the-art advanced bottle refilling system eliminates errors, eliminates wasted time.

The LABELSTIK 400.300 high-speed round bottle labeler is integrated with an optional turntable. Online transfer bottles, jars from the cap machine. Carry out inspection and labeling and then transfer to conveyor belt packing system.

The LABELSTIK 400.300 has an optional glass or acrylic safety cabinet. The machine has all the standard features. In line with the market demand of the pharmaceutical industry. Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the official distributor of Brother label machine in Vietnam. With outstanding features to meet all customer requirements. We are committed to ensuring the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing operations. See more:

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