Recently, Huynh Long Equipment Joint Stock Company held a talk show on the bar code reader system and product inspection. With advanced technology, the camera system is widely used in manufacturing industries. Code reader: 1D, 2D, OCR and quality rating of these codes, moreover, the device can also check the level of filling, bottle, bottle or bottle cap is deflected, check labels, detect defective labels, identify products, trace out, find defects on the product, … 13 Today, products on the market of enterprises, especially export products, must adhere to the strict standards together with the extremely fierce competition. The barcode reader and product inspection system is the optimal solution to help companies comply with these standards while increasing productivity and quality, reducing production costs. Huynh Long Equipment Joint Stock Company has nearly 20 years of operation and development, is a leading industrial equipment supplier with world famous brands such as Videojet, Sesotec, Brothers, Bestcrown, Santung, Yuhfeng. , Cognex … We are committed to bring the most effective industrial equipment solutions and customers to protect the public health. 31 22

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