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  • With integrated improvements
  • Who knows the industry will have requirements, what changes tomorrow?
  • It would be great if we can predict.
  • The Videojet 1860 continuous ink jet printer can assist you with any change.

2017 11 29 221432 Always improve your activity The 1860 inkjet printer is well supported when there is a change in printing needs and development of production. The printer’s extended functionality can be selectively added when you need it. The enhanced capabilities of the 1860’s advanced software can make your date machine operate more efficiently and achieve higher profits under the goal of making the change. This function can make the 1860 printer add value to your operation over time. Fine-tune your productivity with Videojet LifeCycle Advantage ™ Advanced analysis and reporting on the uptime of the 1860 will help ensure continuous improvement. Printers can record and analyze device activity history for up to 90 days. The VideojetConnect ™ Remote Service option can check your performance by accessing extended reports. The Videojet technician will analyze your comprehensive data logs and identify the cause and context, allowing you to reduce unwanted downtime in the future.

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