may dong goi tu dong dang dung ERL


The ERL vertical automatic packaging machine is a high-tech, fully automated machine.

ERL flexible application, compatible with many different production lines. The machine is simple, fast, safe, reliable and operates at high speed. Automatic ERL vertical packing machine, automatic weighing, packaging, cutting … Easy to integrate with date inkjet printer and coding system. Create high quality packaging and ensure aesthetics. 21st century development is the period of the throne of technology. Bringing rapid development to the industry. In addition, the requirements of enterprises with production technology increasingly. With packaging, the machine must achieve high performance, quality, accuracy. In times of cost in seconds, manual production wastes a lot of time. So automatic packaging machines are the perfect solution to save time and manpower. At the same time increase the productivity, quality of production.

May dong goi tu dong dang dungThe ERL vertical automatic packaging machine is an important part of the production line. Selected and trusted by its modern and convenient features.

The ERL automatic packing machine is suitable for weighing and automatic packaging of many kinds of products. Application for many different manufacturing industries. Salt, tea, spices, coffee, pharmaceutical powders … or produce seeds, nuts, candy, peanuts, detergents, hygroscopic, …

may dong goi tu dong ERL

The ERL Stand Automatic Packaging Machine is not just for weighing and packaging products. Also a robot works a lot of workers. For example, the packaging machine can produce a series of products without being tired. Finished faster in the finished product …

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