Fiber Laser Engraving Machine to Manufacturing Industry

Application of Fiber Laser Engraving Machine is no longer a strange concept for industrial engineers.

Especially noted that, with the speed of goods conveyor belt up to more than 100 products per minute. Finding solutions for businesses to optimize costs. And along with that is to meet the speed of deployment of goods without spending a lot of time. It has long been a solution that businesses are still looking for. Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company would like to introduce Laserjet Videojet 7310 Fiber Laser Engraving Machine. A well-deserved laser engraving machine and a complete solution for manufacturing units, to commercial companies who need consulting with business partners.

The fast and efficient deployment, laser laser printer is gradually becoming the number 1 choice for domestic and foreign businesses. With fine lines, sharp and accurate standards per mm in operation. Videojet’s laser engraving technology ensures continuous operation for a long time. Especially, in the exhibition Vietfish 2018, Huynh Long Company brought to customers a date code laser engraving machine US. A professional equipment in the production line that all factories, factories, industrial parks are equipped for their goods.

The 7310 laser fiber laser is one of compact, easy-to-carry prints with little maintenance cost. Designed for direct engraving of printing applications on machinery, equipment, hard plastic. And directly serve the industry such as automotive, electronics, medical equipment. With up to 20Walt power at speeds up to 2000 characters / sec. Automatic standardization system is controlled through computer and automation line. In addition, the new system has a built-in custom touch-operated operator interface. Customizable customization for each product line.

Industries that are focused and interested in using can be next: laser-in-the-box and aerospace equipment

Electrical components and electronic equipment The new 7310 Laser Fiber Laser engraving machine features a 1.06μm wavelength option that protects the printhead. It also helps preserve the system, which can operate for up to 100,000 continuous hours. Ensures business use and limits internal damage. Thanks to the automatic cooling system without the big impact from the outside. By optimizing productivity and reducing costs. Bring back the investment effect in the future.

The 7310 Fiber Laser Engraving Machine is compact, with folding maintenance costs. Perfectly suited for direct printing applications. In addition, the UID identifier (product code) on materials such as metal, latex, plastics, to other hard-wearing materials. The 7310 laser fiber laser printer is intuitive, delivering high quality, consistent engraving. With the ability to update more characters, date and time system.

The machine works perfectly fast, without much noise during use. Interactive interfaces are suitable for software such as CAD, Coredraw, … In addition, depending on the product that will have the type of engraving, from shape to character, different parameters. From there, it will adjust the power, focus from the launch point to the product. Care Laser Printer Laser 7210 & 7310 Laser Printing Machine 7510 FiberUV Laser Printer Videojet 7810

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