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Filling machine Brothers Pharmamach, Best Crown, YuhFeng… High quality products, suitable for the factory. A solution with advanced technology. Flexible, flexible application. Suitable for most types of bottles. From PET, PP, HDPE, PE, .. to glass bottles. Dây chuyền chiết rót Some solutions filling machine: – Manufacturer Brothers Pharmamach. Being the largest brand in India. In the past few years, the technology of the Brothers has been improved continually. And affirm the commitment of quality by superior solutions. With 4 product lines featured:

  • Water and vacuum washer.
  • Filling Machine.
  • Labeling machines.
  • Capping machine.

Brothers has over 47 years of experience and development. Brothers’ products are widely used in many countries around the world. Including France, USA, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, Jordan, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, Tanzania. And many other countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East.

Best Crown with sterile isolation technology. High disinfection ability. Ensure sterile conditions in the filling machine, packaging environment. And in both bottles & lids. The system can reach the capacity from 3,000 to 36,000 bottles per hour depending on the needs of customers. Perfectly suited for vacuum environments. Meet all the different beverage production needs. The Best Crown Filling System includes:

  • Filling machine clean water.
  • Filling line with gas, beer.
  • Filling line juice, green tea.
  • Filling line can turn the lid for gas & gas free.
Dây chuyền chiết rót
Dây chuyền chiết rót

YuhFeng is also a well-known manufacturer of pouring technology. Some of the technology of YuhFeng:

  • SMA Series Monobloc is designed for filling liquid and liquid pharmaceuticals in small glass bottles. Compact design and stainless steel case. Save the factory space. Ensure the highest hygiene standards for the product.
  • SM Series Monobloc is designed for filling non-carbonated beverages in PET bottles. With 3 in 1 design (wash, extract and close the lid). SM Series Monobloc machines ensure optimal food hygiene. And reduce the downtime in operation. Interface with color screen for easier operation.
  • The FCB Series Monobloc is suitable for filling non-carbonated beverages into large PET bottles. FAC Series Monobloc is suitable for glass bottles, screw caps. The system is designed 3 in 1 should be very compact. Space saving, limited downtime. Ensure food safety.

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is a leading company providing pouring solution. With 20 years of “building long-term prosperity”. Huynh Long is proud of being a supplier of quality industrial equipment – prestige.

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