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Inkjet date printer – An industrial printing device is a must to mention Videojet. For that reason, this type I inkjet printer is accepted by both domestic and international friends as well as using the device.

As one of the typical products of the European and American markets as well as the world, the products of Inkjet jet printer are not only standard in quality but also in quantitative. Each piece of steel, screws to the structure of the circuit, squeeze pump are all reinforced. Make sure the equipment is used for longer than what is stated in the warranty certificate.

Videojet Inkjet date printer – Printer for all businesses

The aim is to maximize profits and minimize the negative impact on the product as well as eliminate the poor quality equipment that exists in the market. The Videojet ink jet printer has a number of unique features that no other company in the world can offer, along with a price tag that is almost no different.  

Máy in phun date VJ1550
Máy in phun date VJ1550

Technology Inkjet date printer

Inkjet from small to medium customization by the business engineer without fear of chain runs unstable or unstable. Designed for guests who need to print multiple times, shifts and up to 4-5 shifts per day. Videojet printers offer up to 12,000 continuous inkjet printing hours up to the next maintenance period.


Máy in phun hạn sử dụng
Máy in phun hạn sử dụng
  • The Inkjet date printer is completely standardized. Only one unit of defect or damage will be replaced immediately.
  • Print quality assurance is integrated with the Videojet CLARiSOFT and CLARiSUITE systems that allow remote control with advanced coding functions.
  • Varied, customizable, easy-to-control passwords. Avoid accidental ingress of system errors. The information can be stored with the arrangement and predetermined to reduce the required operations.

Effective use of Videojet is integrated

Dynamic Calibration parameters adjust the automatic spray to ensure high quality prints, from 1-5 lines for different coding needs.

The Smart Cartridge System eliminates ink spills. No damage to ink or solvent during use. Automatic print head cleaning for faster setting, set up or operate are all automated. Pumps inside should not need air from outside to help reduce environmental pollution.

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Using date inkjet printers is quite simple

Máy in phun Videojet
Máy in phun Videojet
  • Bright screen with WYSIWYG and function keys for easy operation
  • Store up to 100 different complex messages, maximum USB memory space support
  • The Huynh Long Company will provide the inkjet datea consultant as well as referenced separate usage levels that should be installed for maintenance, operation and guidance.

Huynh Long Corporation is proud of 20 years in the field of consulting installation and solutions for industrial equipment. Customer care is the joy of our service.

So please contact HOTLINE: 0961 166 168 for a free consultation.

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