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The Brother Circle Friction Bearer uses the most user-friendly technology and operating system. Meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Brothers’ round bottle markers have been developed and continuously improved. Update latest technology. Ensure production activities achieve optimum results. High operating efficiency without compromising the productivity of the pharmaceutical industry. This is also the industry has many requirements, standards for stamps, labels on the product packaging. Sticking labels is an important and mandatory step before exporting the product to the market. The pharmaceutical industry requires high adhesion, durability of stamps and labels on the packaging. Stickers must be mass-produced and neatly arranged on each product.

Máy dán nhãn chai tròn Brothers
Máy dán nhãn chai tròn Brothers

Brother Circle Labeling Machine incorporates the most sophisticated labeling dispensing system with a sticker sensing system. User-friendly and environmentally friendly products. Perfectly suited to the pharmaceutical industry.

The device has a control system that helps synchronize the system speed. Automatic label length detection systems available in the machine. No need to enter, store data manually on label length in memory. No need to import or save data when resizing labels or rebooting. Is the ideal solution to save production time. Avoid downtime and help businesses achieve higher yields. The Brothers labeling system offers optional cabinet protection with toughened glass or acrylic glass. The machine has all the basic features required to fit the current market demand, especially with the pharmaceutical industry. Simultaneously save costs, time and increase productivity.

CERTAIN SPECIFIC FEATURES OF THE BOTTLING MACHINE: No need to enter / retrieve label information with any label size. No need for replacement parts for different product sizes and stickers. Speed-up of labeling machines, conveyors and presses Machine maintenance is almost free Easily change the height of the sticker Easy to use, easy to replace, adjustable label Self-protection when voltage fluctuations, flicker Easily integrated Videojet inkjet and encoder system The case is made of stainless steel Máy dán nhãn chai tròn - ứng dụngMáy dán nhãn chai tròn – ứng dụng Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the official distributor of Brother label machine in Vietnam. We are committed to bringing “comprehensive equipment solutions”, advanced, modern, user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

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