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Sesotec Industrial Metal Detector In The Plastic And Rubber Industry

The German industrial metal detector SESOTEC is one of the most widely used in the manufacturing industry. With plastic and rubber, metal detectors are used to check the quality of bulk materials.

SESOTEC door products are calculated and tested millions of times. Because SESOTEC’s energy and technology surpass many products in the same industry. Achieves multiple 3rd party credentials. As well as being trusted, opted by companies that have ever used. The SESOTEC industrial metal detector ensures optimum sensitivity with all metal impurities. Detection, separation of magnetic and non-magnetic metals. Even if the impurities are deep in the product and can not be detected by the naked eye. The plastic and rubber industries play an important role. In the life and production of the nations of the world. Although there is no long history in the fields of mechanics, electricity – electronics, chemicals … The industry still has a large market. Especially close relationship with the construction and production of civil products. The speed of development of plastic and rubber industry rapidly, the potential is extremely strong. The industry possesses close relationships with many manufacturing sectors. Especially in the production process always need metal detector. Plastic and rubber industry is applied in all fields. As producing packaging, building materials, beverages, automobile and aviation …

SESOTEC industrial metal detector is the perfect solution to improve the quality of plastic and rubber products. A device to help businesses reduce production costs. Increasing competitiveness and securing business credibility.

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Not only ensures product purity. SESOTEC metal detector also protects the production equipment. Avoid metal impurities in processed materials that damage machinery. Reduce repair costs, replacing components, tools. Minimize stop production.

The SESOTEC product line test output. Application for packaged or unpackaged product. SESOTEC metal detector detects and separates substandard products. Some of the remarkable features of the SESOTEC detector: Highest sensitivity for all metals. Optimal modular design with unique and diverse requirements of plastics and rubber. Compact design, delivering superior performance over low investment. Installation is quick, simple. Minimize waste through removable systems with advanced technology. High resistance to vibration. Advanced microprocessor technology with self-monitoring, self-balancing, and temperature compensation

SESOTEC metal detector is the solution to protect the purity of the product, protect the production machinery. At present, SESOTEC develops many series of equipments. Meet all requirements of plastic and rubber.

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