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Sterilized Filling Line – TECHNOLOGY, HIGH QUALITY

Bestcrown Sterilized Fertilizer is a well known and reputable brand with top quality. Specially designed. Using advanced technology, modern and improved continuously. Perfectly meet the requirements of the beverage manufacturing business.

Sterilized sterilization line Best Crown with sterile technology, high sterilization ability. Ensure sterile conditions in the filling process, packaging and in both empty bottles & lids. Best Crown Sterilized Filling Line has a capacity of 3,000 – 36,000 bottles per hour. Depending on the needs of customers. The device is suitable for vacuum environment. And meet the needs of different beverage production.

BestCrown has been researching and manufacturing machines for the beverage industry since 1954. The Sterilized Filling Line is a typical line of this famous brand.

With long history of experience, BestCrown develops many product lines. Application as diverse as beer production line. Aseptic production line. Carbonated and non-carbonated drinks … meet the diverse needs of customers. Read more about the bottling line for beverage industry:

Hệ thống chiết rửa – đóng nắp chai nước trái cây 3 in1 DGC

Máy chiết và đóng nắp mí lon FY Series

Máy rửa – chiết – đóng nắp chai 3 trong 1 DGY series

With good quality, high efficiency, BestCrown products are CE certified. Widely used in many countries. The US, Canada, UK, South Africa, Congo and other countries.

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