Thermal Transfer Overprinters, VIDEOJET Thermal Transfer Printer – NEW TECHNOLOGY

Thermal transfer printers, or heat transfer printers, operate at high efficiency. Helps improve productivity. And reduce costs for businesses.

TTO printers produce high resolution prints. Application on flexible packaging. Simultaneously minimize downtime and costs associated with the ribbon. TTO heat transfer printers are designed with advanced software. The integrated software makes the printer work fast, simple and reliable. TTO has a compact, simple operating interface. Intelligent design easily integrates with the production line of the business.

TTO heat transfer printers, or IP-enabled thermal transfer printers. Specially designed to operate in harsh environments. Ensures maximum reliability and efficiency in printing.

Videojet is the ideal solution for flexible packaging applications with continuous and intermittent movement. TTO printers are optimized to meet your printing needs at all speeds. High performance printers help improve productivity. Save time and minimize costs for businesses.

Videojet thermal transfer printers offer a number of benefits over older technologies such as thermal seal or roll printing. Long ribbon length, fast printing speed, error-prone features and simple operation interactions are the main benefits of the Videojet printer. Videojet thermal printers help eliminate most of the coding errors and stop production abruptly in production.

Some models of Videojet date code:

Máy in phun công nghiệp 1220

Máy in phun date 1530

Máy in ruy băng TTO DATAFLEX® 6530 & 6330

Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company is the exclusive distributor of TTO Vieojet heat transfer printing presses in Vietnam. We are committed to providing quality, safe, user-friendly and environmentally friendly products. For customers who need to print date, please contact Huynh Long. We will advise and bring to you the most ideal solution.

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