On August 23-24, 2017, Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Joint Stock Company organized training on Brothers products. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of machinery for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, herbal … Head of training is specialized from BROTHERS PHARMAMACH (INDIA). With a confident, friendly style, he makes his talk show become lively and impressive. The content of the discussion goes from the overview of the Brothers production line to the detailed information about each product line: Washing, Filling, Capping, Labeling Labeling). The characteristics and strengths of each product line are discussed. 25Brothers production line is one of the world famous brands Huynh Long Industrial Equipment Corporation. Brothers Pharmamach has more than 47 years of experience in the production line, is an effective solution for businesses, helps reduce production costs, labor, save time … along with stable operation and accuracy. high. 17

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